Bunclody Vocational College is a Waterford and Wexford Education and Training Board School.
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BVC Core Values

Are you exploring a second level school for your child? Do you want to know more about what we stand for as a school?.
BVC Core Values

BVC is a state, multidenominational, co-educational school with a proud history spanning over 70 years. The colleges ethos is underpinned by the following 5 core values:

  • Excellence in Education;
  • Care;
  • Respect;
  • Equality;
  • Community

BVC provides all students with an equal opportunity for enrolment in line with the Education (Admissions to School) Act 2018. Once enrolled, our schools strive to provide all students with equal opportunities to engage with the curriculum and all aspects of school life. All members of our school communities are treated equitably regardless of their race, gender, religion/belief, age, family status, civil status, membership of the Traveler community, sexual orientation, ability or socio-economic status.

Bunclody Vocational College provides a safe physical and social environment that reinforces a sense of belonging to the school community and wider society. We strive to enable every student to realise their full potential regardless of any aspect of their identity or background.

Bunclody Vocational College promotes a fully inclusive education that recognises the plurality of identities, beliefs, and values held by students, parents, and staff. We prepare open-minded, culturally sensitive and responsible citizens with a strong sense of shared values.

In BVC, students of all religions and beliefs are treated equally. The school environment and activities do not privilege any one group over another whilst at the same time acknowledging and facilitating students of all religions and beliefs.

Bunclody Vocational College is a thriving and developing center for education. We can offer your child a safe, modern and nurturing environment that will develop them into well rounded, educated individuals. We are exceptionally proud of the achievements of our students over the years. Our graduates are scattered throughout the country and across the globe in host of professions.

I encourage prospective parents to investigate our proven track record of success and to explore what our school has to offer. I am confident that if you take the time to look you will be suitably impressed. if you would like to hear more about our school or if you would like a private tour of our schools facilities then do not hesitate to get in touch.

J. Murphy


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Webinar "Mastering Maths with The Maths Tutor", designed for students and their parents.
Music lessons will commence in BVC on Wednesday 4th of October. Lessons are available this year in the following instruments.
Welcome back to school from the Schools of Sanctuary Committee
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