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BVC Debating

Bunclody VC Debating Teams got off to a great start this year
BVC Debating

Bunclody Vocational College got the debating team up and running this year.

We met each lunchtime on a Tuesday in our Computer Room.

Last November we had guest speaker and journalist Pat O’ Toole in to speak to our debating teams.

We took many notes, tips and hints and got to work.

In the weeks that followed, we created four teams, watched some debates and agreed on a motion. Alongside this, our local Library had invited us to take part in a local debate in April. This gave us a great window to prepare. The library also gave us free reign and allowed the students to come up with a motion that sparked their interest!We discussed many options and went to a vote.

The winning motion was “Zoos should exist”. It was important that the students took ownership over a motion that interested them, so they could get to work researching and organising their arguments.

A date was set for mid-April to attend the local debate. This was a great motivator and it set a target for our teams to work towards. Students were practicing during our sessions but also in their own time over facetime and calls at the weekend. Their hard work really paid off.

On the day of our debate, we arrived at the library where we were greeted and welcomed by the community librarians. It has been wonderful to build up a successful and sustainable relationship with them over the past number of years. We look forward to taking part in more initiatives with them.

The debate lasted about an hour and our teams represented our school very well. We were very proud of their performance on the day. As a reward for their time, dedication, and commitment, the teams will be taken out for lunch as a treat.

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Bunclody Vocational College,

BVC DebatingBVC DebatingBVC DebatingBVC DebatingBVC Debating
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Participation in democracy is important. If students who are eligible to vote don’t  vote, other people will be deciding the future for them. Their vote is their voice.
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