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Prepping the Brain for Exams!

Here are 8 DE-STRESS strategies to prepare the brain to ace exams:

Webinar: Prepping the Brain for Exams!

Here are 8 DE-STRESS strategies to prepare the brain to ace exams:

Remove Distractions: Consider and try to eliminate both physical and mental/ emotional distractions.

Exercise: Physical exercises give brain benefits both immediately and in the long-term. Consume a protein-rich breakfast with low GI carbs on the day of the exams.

Strategy Use: Exploit your child’s cognitive strengths for learning and create strategies to counter weaknesses.

Test Test Test: The act of memory recall is one of the most effective study techniques – use flash cards and revision tests.

Redirecting Nerves: Use deep breathing exercises and listen to favourite music to calm nerves on the day of exams.

Manage Expectations: Have high expectations but ensure they do not become harmful pressure on the child.

Sleep: Ensure quality sleep. Sleep helps to strengthen memories formed during the day.

Smile… no Laugh!: Instill doses of laughter, smiles and fun moments into this stressful period to release happy brain chemicals.


Broadcasted: Thursday 26th August, 2021

Duration: 1 hour

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