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The LCVP is a two-year senior cycle program where in addition to the traditional Leaving Cert subjects,students also take two additional subjects called the Link Modules. This programme is offered alongside the traditional Leaving Certificate. Students can engage in this course of study provided they meet certain criteria with regard to subject choice as set down by the Department of Education and Skills. Grades achieved in the LCVP are now recognised for CAO points’ purposes by the different Universities and Institutes of Technology.

The titles of Link Modules are:

      • Preparation for Work
      • Enterprise Education

Preparation for the World of Work

One link module is called Preparation for the world of work. In this module students will learn skills that will be of benefit to them when they choose to enter the world of work. Students will will investigate local and regional employment opportunities. They will also also develop their interview technique and job seeking skills (e.g. letter writing and the completion of application forms). They will also undertake a career investigation and prepare their curriculum vitae. Participants of the L.C.V.P course will also gain a valuable insight into a career of interest to them when they participate in a week long work experience programme.

Enterprise Education

The second link module is called Enterprise education. In this module students organise visits to the school by members of local businesses and community enterprises. Students also organise visits out to local business premises and community organisations. Such activities enable students to meet with enterprising people. They also develop the communication and teamwork skills required to organize an event. Students will also be involved in setting up a mini company. In doing so they will experience the stages and challenges involved in setting up, and developing a business.

Information Technology

Information and Communication Technology is an integral part of the L.C.V.P programme. Students are provided with many opportunities to develop their computer skills. During the L.C.V.P. course they will learn how to enter, store, and retrieve information on computers.using Office 365 and cloud technology. They will also develop research skills using traditional means and the Internet. Students will also learn how to present information in their portfolios, how to email, and how to use various presentation packages such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Microsoft Publisher.

Assessment in the L.C.V.P

The traditional Leaving Cert subjects are assessed in the normal way (i.e. projects, exams, etc.) The Link Modules however are assessed separately by means of a written examination and a portfolio of coursework.

The Portfolio

The portfolio will include samples of the student’s work that they have completed over the two years at senior cycle. The Portfolio accounts for 60% of the total marks allocated for the program.

The Written Exam

A written Exam accounts for 40% of the total marks. This exam takes place in May and is 2.5 hours long.

The Grading System

The total marks for the portfolio and the written exam are added together and students are then awarded an overall grade for their performance in the link modules. The overall grade awarded, pass, merit, or distinction is also recognized for points purposes by the Institutes of Technology and Universities. Grades and points allocated are as follows:

Distinction (80 – 100%) - 66 points

Merit (65 – 79%) - 46 points

Pass (50 – 64%) - 28 points

Unsuccessful < 50%

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From July 1st Bunclody Vocational College will become known as Bunclody Community College
The 2024 Summer Programme was in full swing in Bunclody Community College for the past two weeks and culminated today with a trip to the cinema and the Dome in Carlow.
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